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FHA Mortgage Insurance Premiums

FHA Mortgage Insurance is essential to the availability of affordable home loans to millions of homebuyers.
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Ryan Martinson
November 28, 2023·2 min

FHA Mortgage Insurance Table

30 year FHA loans & terms more than 15 years.

Loan amounts up to and including $766,550
≤ 90%0.5%for 11 years
> 90% ≤ 95%0.5%for 30 years
> 95%0.55%*for 30 years

*The majority of FHA loans fall here: 0.55% UFMIP

Loan amounts more than $766,550.
≤ 90%0.7%for 11 years
> 90% ≤ 95%0.7%for 30 years
> 95%0.75%for 30 years

FHA loans less than or equal to 15 years.

Loan amounts up to and including $766,550.
≤ 90%0.15%for 11 years
> 90%0.4%for 30 years
Loan amounts more than $766,550.
≤ 78%0.15%for 11 years
> 78% ≤ 90%0.4%for 11 years
> 90%0.65%for 30 years
Source: U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Effective Date: November 28, 2023

What are the types of FHA mortgage insurance?

FHA loans offer a level of leeway when qualifying for a mortgage that conventional loans do not. That leeway comes with a price (as part of your FHA payment). Lenders are willing to take additional risks associated with lower down payments, lower credit scores, and higher debt-to-income ratios because FHA insures the loan. FHA insurance covers the lender's loss if a homeowner defaults.

1. Upfront Mortgage Insurance Premium (UFMIP)

FHA UFMIP is the easiest to understand. It is a lump sum premium that is financed into your FHA loan. FHA UFMIP is 1.75% of your FHA loan amount. Consider the following:

  • You are buying a $475,000 home and making the minimum 3.5% down payment ($16,625).
  • Your BASE FHA loan amount is $458,375 ($475,000 - $16,625).
  • FHA UFMIP is 1.75% of $458,375, which equals $8,021.
  • Therefore, your FHA loan amount will be $458,375 + $8,021 = $466,396.

As you can see, FHA UFMIP does not impact your cash needed to close or savings required to obtain an FHA loan. FHA UFMIP is financed into your FHA loan.

2. Annual Mortgage Insurance Premium (FHA MIP)

Annual FHA MIP is a bit more confusing, and we won't bore you with minute details. Although, it's not terribly difficult to see how it impacts your FHA mortgage payment.

FHA MIP is calculated annually, but you pay it monthly as part of your FHA mortgage payment. The FHA MIP rate is determined by your loan term and down payment (see table below). Consider the following from our UFMIP example:

  • FHA MIP rate is 0.55% using the FHA MIP table.
  • Converting annual FHA MIP to monthly is done by multiplying the annual rate times the average principal balance over the next 12 months, backing out the UFMIP, and dividing the annual premium by 12. That's the complicated part.
  • The end result is an FHA MIP payment of $209.07.
  • Fortunately, we handle the FHA calculations for you.

FHA mortgage insurance premiums are an essential piece of the overall housing market's health. FHA loans are possible because these premiums make mortgage loans available to more homebuyers.

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WMP provides information and mortgage payment calculations for a variety of loan types, both government (FHA, VA, USDA, etc.) and in general. While every effort is made to ensure the information we provide is accurate, all calculations and information provided throughout this website are for demonstration purposes only.

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