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VA Entitlement Calculator

Use our VA entitlement calculator if you already have a VA loan and your used entitlement will not be restored prior to closing on your new home.

Step 1: Select the state and county where your soon to be new home is located.
Step 2: Enter the purchase price of the home you want to buy.
Step 3: Enter the amount of entitlement used from your Certificate of Eligibility (COE).

Enter Entitlement Used to Calculate Required Down Payment

VA loans only require a down payment if you are currently using your VA home loan benefits with no plans to have them restored prior to your new purchase.

Entitlement restoration includes selling the home that is using the benefit or refinancing that VA loan into a conventional or other non-VA type loan.

Please choose a county.

2024 VA Tier 2 Calculator • Calculate Maximum VA Loan Amount & Tier 2 VA Entitlement

2020 VA Loan Limit Changes

If you have no outstanding entitlement, there is no longer a loan limit imposed by the VA.

The VA has eliminated county loan limits effective January 1, 2020. Previously, VA homebuyers were limited to the corresponding county conforming loan limit when purchasing a home with 100% financing. When a home's purchase price exceeded the county loan limit in the past, a VA homebuyer would have been required to make a down payment. That is no longer the case.

Can I have more than one VA loan?

Yes. However, if you have entitlement in use that will not be restored, your new VA loan must still be over $144,000, and the Freddie Mac county loan limit will factor.

So yes, you can have more than one VA loan. Use the VA entitlement worksheet to calculate your maximum VA loan amount.

Your new VA loan must be on an owner occupied primary residence.

VA uses conforming loan limits established for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to determine maximum VA loan eligibility when there is entitlement in use that will not be restored.

If the home you are buying is more than your remaining entitlement allows, you can still use a VA loan if you put down 25% of the difference of the purchase price and maximum loan amount.

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